Lockdown in York Region, St. Nicholas Day

Dear brothers and sisters,

As of December 14, York Region has applied the “Gray-Lockdown” measures to control the spread of COVID-19 with additional restrictions that also apply to our Parish.

Worship services will be held with a limit of only 10 people in the chapel, mandatory maintenance of a physical distance of 2m and wearing of face masks (more details here: https://www.york.ca/wps/portal/yorkhome/health/yr/covid-19/publichealthsafetymeasures/).

The Governing Board has made the decision to have two Divine Liturgies held on Sundays and feast-days:

  • The first, starting at 8:30AM, will be celebrated by Fr. Vasilije Tomić
  • The second, starting at 10AM, will be celebrated by Fr. Ljubo Rajić

Parishioners who want to attend one of the services must contact Aleksandar Cvijetinović in advance by email at sashacvijetinovic@gmail.com to be added to the schedule so that the prescribed maximum number of people in the chapel can be maintained. We kindly request that in case of a change in plans that you please contact Aleksandar in time so that others would be allowed to attend the worship service.

For the feast of Holy Father Nicholas on Saturday, December 19:

  • The cutting of the Slava Kolač will begin from 8AM, (only one) Divine Liturgy will be served at 10AM, followed by the cutting of any remaining Slava Kolač
  • All celebrating their patron saint are obliged to contact Aleksandar Cvijetinović in advance at sashacvijetinovic@gmail.com so that a schedule for the cutting of the Slava Kolač and attendance at the Divine Liturgy can be made.

We remind you again that for all contributions that arrive by the end of December 31st you will receive a receipt for your 2020 income taxes.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

–  Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill