Great Lent is for All Believers – By Fr. Rodney Torbic

  • Great Lent is for all believers, not just clergy and monastics.
  • Great Lent is time for serious consideration of the soul.
  • Great Lent summons all believers to actively participate.
  • Great Lent is an experience resulting in beneficial joy.
  • Great Lent requires participation of the heart and mind.
  • Great Lent entails continued discipline of the body.
  • Great Lent gives structure to daily Christian life.
  • Great Lent affects believers’ hearts, souls and bodies.
  • Great Lent arrives each year for believers’ benefit.
  • Great Lent is a recurring part of the each Liturgical Year.
  • Great Lent has been deemed of continued value.
  • Great Lent emphasizes the importance of repentance.
  • Great Lent sets forth examples of repentance.
  • Great Lent has specific defined liturgical services.
  • Great Lent includes practices of prayer and fasting.
  • Great Lent encourages believers to practice almsgiving.
  • Great Lent offers instruction to attentive believers.
  • Great Lent addresses the continuing hunger of the soul.
  • Great Lent provides regular spiritual nourishment.
  • Great Lent inspires drawing closer to Jesus Christ.
  • Great Lent asks believers to refrain from sin.
  • Great Lent calls believers to better lives in Christ.
  • Great Lent directs hearts and minds to God’s Kingdom.
  • Great Lent remembers the believers departed this life.
  • Great Lent gives liturgical attention to the Mother of God.
  • Great Lent directs believers away from sinful practices.
  • Great Lent offers new beginnings in the life in Christ.
  • Great Lent is an investment in the Kingdom of
  • Great Lent helps those who have sinned to be forgiven.
  • Great Lent is a time for serious confession of sins.
  • Great Lent motivates personal change for the better.
  • Great Lent is an inexhaustible source of learning.
  • Great Lent enables believers to begin anew in Jesus Christ.

Thedore’s Saturday and Sunday of Orthodoxy

On Theodore’s Saturday, March 4, The Divine Liturgy with the blessing of the wheat will be celebrated at 9 AM. Vespers at 6 PM followed by Confession.
On Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 5, The Divine Liturgy will be served at 10 AM.
In the evening of the same day at 6 PM, a traditional Pan-Orthodox Vespers will be served, this year at the All Serbian Saints Church in Mississauga.