Donations for our Parish via United Way

Dear Friends,

Those of you that are working for companies that are affiliated with the United Way Charitable Organization, especially these days are likely to be approached by this organization for a donation.

We urge you wholeheartedly to consider directing your donation to our Saint Archangel Gabriel Parish.

Our charity number is: 816290258 RR 0001.

Please, help your Church. Thank you!

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill

Nov 18: Hunters’ Dinner and Crackling-o-rama

Dear parishioners,

On Saturday, November 18, two events are being organized on the premises of our parish:

The sixth traditional “Čvarkijada” or “Crackling-o-rama” starting at 9AM:

Everyone is welcome to come and socialize, help out or even organize and bring their own team. Interested participants should contact Živorad Božić at, as well as bring their materials and equipment for work.

Following the “Crackling-o-rama” that evening, Hunters’ Dinner will begin at 6PM:

The dinner is organized by our hunters, and there will be hunters specialties made from several kinds of game that can rarely be tasted anywhere else. During the evening, it will be possible to buy freshly made cracklings and lard.

Come with your friends to socialize and have fun, and more importantly to take part in, for this community, great and historic undertaking.

There will be no admission charge, but donations will be collected for building our new church.


– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill