Orthodox Youth Reading Club – First Meeting

Dear High-school and College students,

Помаже Бог!

Hope you’re all handling these restrictions and enclosures well.

With Fr. Ljubo’s blessing, we’re starting a youth reading club for our parishioners and friends, where we will be reading a book at a time on some Orthodox Christian topic that was published in English, and meet once a week to talk about what we have read: share impressions, questions, opinions, criticisms and hopefully try to learn more about our Faith (and life in general).

We will start with reading Clark Carlton’s “The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity, An Orthodox Catechism”, which you can find at https://www.amazon.ca/Faith-Clark-Carlton-ebook/dp/B0088RDBKS/ (contact me directly if you are not able to use this format).

  • We will be meeting through Zoom on Sunday, April 26 at 11AM:
    • The zoom meeting link will be emailed out directly to those interested to join the call.
    • You will need to make sure you have the needed application installed on your computer or cellphone before the meeting
  • Please make sure you have read the following before the meeting:

If interested to participate, please contact me directly by email at zoranradisic@yahoo.com so I can send you the meeting link and details, as well as help out with the getting a hold of the book itself.

This was envisioned for a younger readership (e.g. late teens and early 20s), but anyone interested to join is, of course, more than welcome.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,
Zoran Radisic