Schedule of Services for April 2023

  • April 2 – Fifth Sunday of Lent – St. Mary of Egypt: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 7 – (Friday) Annunciation: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 8 – Lazarus Saturday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
    • Consecration of the palm branches: Vespers at 6PM
  • April 9 – Sixth Sunday of Lent – Entrance of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem – Palm Sunday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 13 – Great and Holy Thursday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
    • Vespers and Reading of the 12 Gospels at 7PM
  • April 14 – Great and Holy Friday: the Deposition from the Cross and Lamentation at the Tomb at 6PM
  • April 15 – Great and Holy Saturday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM

  • April 16 – Resurrection of of our Lord Jesus Christ – Pascha: Paschal Matins followed by Divine Liturgy at 12AM (midnight)
  • April 16 – Resurrection of of our Lord Jesus Christ – Pascha: Paschal Vespers at 10AM (morning)
  • April 17 – Resurrection Monday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 18 – Resurrection Tuesday: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 23 – Second Sunday of Pascha – Sunday of St. Thomas: Divine Liturgy at 10AM
  • April 30 – Third Sunday of Pascha – Sunday of the Myrrhbearers: Divine Liturgy at 10AM

Please Note:

  • If anyone requires the blessing of the water or their home, please contact Fr. Đurađ (Ђурађ) directly at 519-897-8448 or to arrange.
  • The holy sacrament of confession will be take place before each Divine Liturgy starting at 9 am, as well as before and after the Vespers service on Saturdays. In case you cannot make at this times, you can contact Fr. Đurađ to arrange.

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill