Dear parishioners,

As you already know, at the Hunter’s Dinner that that took place on November 26th at our parish, we officially initiated the campaign to collect funds for the construction of our new Church, and on that occasion a sum of $22,600* was collected for that purpose.

As a reminder, the Site Plan proposal has been accepted by the city of Richmond Hill, and we should sign the Site Plan Agreement with the City this month. Right now we need to pay the City of Richmond Hill an amount of about $145,000 for administrative costs and a mandatory deposit: without this we will not be able to apply for the building permits! Upon completion of the construction and inspection by the city, the $100,000 deposit will be returned to our parish, making those funds available for the remaining interior and exterior improvements to the Church and hall, as well as other operating expenses.

With that, we invite our parishioners and all people of good will to get involved in, for this community, a great and historic undertaking, and help us reach our goal by no later than January 31, 2023!

For this purpose, an informal meeting will be held in our parish on Sunday, December 18, to present more detailed information about this campaign to the parishioners, as well as to answer directly any questions you may have about this campaign.

You can send your contributions marked “For Building Fund” to this campaign:

  • electronically, via e-transfer to
  • by check, send to:
    St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Orthodox Church
    49 North Lake Road
    P. O. Box 2918
    Richmond Hill, ON, L4E 1A8
  • or bring in person to the Church during regular services

By God’s will and the good will of our parishioners and friends, we shall succeed!

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill

* Correction has made about the final sum resulting from a misunderstanding between the Board and the Webmaster, please forgive!