Nov 26: Crackling-o-rama, Hunters’ Dinner and FUNDRAISER FOR BUILDING A NEW CHURCH!

Dear parishioners,

It is with great joy that we inform you and all people of good will that after many years of effort, we are finally just one step away from beginning the construction of our new church: the Site Plan proposal has been accepted by the city of Richmond Hill, and in December we should sign the Site Plan Agreement with the city.

Right now we need to pay the City of Richmond Hill an amount of $145,000 for administrative costs and a mandatory deposit: without this we will not be able to apply for the building permits! Upon completion of the construction and inspection by the city, the $100,000 deposit will be returned to our parish, making those funds available for the remaining interior and exterior improvements to the Church and hall, as well as other operating expenses.

With that, the Board of Directors of our parish is starting a fundraising campaign – we need all the help we can get now! By God’s will and the good will of our parishioners and friends, we shall succeed.

Therefore, on Saturday, November 26, two events are organized in the premises of our parish:

The fifth traditional “Čvarkijada” or “Crackling-o-rama” starting at 12PM:

Everyone is welcome to come and socialize, help out or even organize and bring their own team. Interested participants should contact Živorad Božić at, as well as bring their materials and equipment for work.

Following the “Crackling-o-rama” that evening, Hunters’ Dinner will begin at 6PM, with which we will initiate the fundraising campaign for the construction of our new Church:

The dinner is organized by our hunters, and there will be stews made from several kinds of game that can rarely be tasted anywhere else. During the evening, it will be possible to buy freshly made cracklings and lard.

Come with your friends to socialize and have fun, and more importantly to take part in, for this community, great and historic undertaking.

There will be no admission charge, but donations will be collected for our new church.


– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill