Synaxis of St. Archangel Gabriel July 26th

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to inform you that on Sunday, July 26, 2019 is the Feast-day (Slava) of our Parish Church: Synaxis of St. Archangel Gabriel.

On that day the Divine Liturgy will be followed by the consecration of the wheat and breaking of the Slavski Kolač, after which the Slava dinner will be served.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the Slava of our Parish Church while respecting all instructions concerning gatherings within enclosed public spaces in York Region:

  • Mandatory wearing of masks or face coverings
  • Attendance indoors limited to a maximum of 50 people or 30% of the building capacity, whichever number is greater (100 people outdoors)
  • Maintaining a physical distance of 2m/6ft

(All interested to help with the preparations and serving of the Slava dinner please contact

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill