November 9 & 10: Crackling-o-rama and Treats

Dear all,

On Saturday, November 9, a “Čvarkijada” or “Crackling-o-rama” will be organized at our Parish premises, starting at 9am. So far, we have two teams: Dragan Stefanović and Fr. Ljubo Rajić. Everyone is welcome to come and socialize, help out or even organize and bring their own team. Interested participants should contact Dragan Stefanović at 647-468-8610 or, as well as bring their own materials and equipment.

On Sunday, November 10, following the Holy Liturgy you will be able to buy fresh cracklings, fatty or lean “vanilice” cookies prepared by our sisters, as well as (uncooked, dry) beans of excellent quality per pound.

Come and bring your friends!

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill