Update from the meeting with HG Bishop Mitrofan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The members of our Parish Board, including Fr. Vladimir Vranic, met with His Grace Bishop Mitrofan on October 24th at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery near Milton, ON. We were welcomed wholeheartedly by Fr. Abbot Vasilije at the Monastery. Following the reception at 19:30 our meeting commenced. At the end of the meeting His Grace Bishop Mitrofan provided us with the following direction:

  1. His Grace asks our parishioners to respect the administrative laws and processes of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Mainly if parishioners have any questions they are to direct them to the parish board via a board member and/or the parish priest. They are welcomed to also contact the diocese directly with any questions. He explained that the parish has by-laws which clearly outline processes and that the Diocese has a statute which also outlines processes and we are all expected to follow them.
  2. His Grace has instructed us to immediately repair our existing building at 49 North Lake Road in order to bring it into a satisfactory state with all the necessary modifications and approvals to allow for our Services to be held there again.
  3. His Grace has denied us the request to host an AGM at this time.
  4. His Grace passes his Archipastoral love for our parish, his blessings to all the parishioners and calls us altogether to join forces and do our part in helping restore and maintain our Chapel and property at 49 North Lake Road. Also, he promised that he will soon deliver a letter of his fatherly love, support and teaching to our Parishioners.

Thank you for your understanding and your unselfish support.
– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish