An update on the mould remediation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may already know, due to the mould infestation in the chapel and other rooms of our church building at 49 North Lake Road in Richmond Hill, we had to temporarily move to the Cultural Center of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church at 9116 Bayview Ave to keep with our regular worship and gatherings.

In the meantime the Board, along with the help of our parishioners, have invested their efforts in solving this critical problem in our building, with the budget that we have at our disposal. The first necessary action was to repair the roof in order to stop further leakage, and thus prevented the main source of moisture in our premises. The roof repair started on September 18th, and was completed by September 23rd.

We also contacted several mould removal companies to assess what work would be necessary and how much it would cost. We currently have 3 such estimates. With the help of parishioners who have expertise with these kinds of problems, we are currently deliberating which of the offers would by most suitable based on our real needs and operating budget. We will inform you as soon as we make this decision based on reliable criteria and opinions, and by then we should know how much longer it will take to finish this.

Finally, to emphasize, at one point we will also ask for volunteers to help complete the part of the needed work through our own strength and skill that does not require specialists; you will all be informed about it in a timely manner.

Thank you for your understanding and your unselfish support.

– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish