Aug 5 & 6: Holy Martyrs of Prebilovci and Lower Herzegovina

Dear parishioners,

On Sunday August 6th our Holy Church is commemorating the Holy Martyrs of Prebilovci and Lower Herzegovina whose relics are kept in our chapel.

For that occasion on the eve of the feast, Saturday August 5th at 6PM we will serve Vespers followed by a prayer in front of the relics of the Holy Martyrs for our health and salvation and anoint all participants with blessed oil (many priest will participate).

On the Feast Day, Sunday August 6th we will serve the Divine Liturgy at 10AM followed by the blessing of the wheat (koljivo), kolač (prepared by family of Veselin Bjelaković). Lunch prepared by our dear sisters and mothers will be served too.

With hope that you will participate in this prayer in great numbers, in faith and love,

You priest,
Presbyter Đurađ Kojić