Schedule of Services until the end of February 2023

  • February 5 – Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee: Divine Liturgy at 10 am
  • February 12 – Sunday of the Prodigal Son – Synaxis of the Three Holy Hierarchs: Divine Liturgy at 10 am
  • February 15 – (Wednesday) Presentation of the Lord: Divine Liturgy at 10 am
  • February 18 – (Saturday) Winter Memorial Saturday: Divine Liturgy at 10 am
    • Followed by a General Memorial service (parastos) when names of all our departed family members and friends are read out and commemorated: Please prepare a list of the names of your rested loved ones.
  • February 19 – Meat-fare Sunday: Divine Liturgy at 10 am
  • February 26 – Cheese-fare Sunday (Shrovetide) – Venerable Simeon the Myrrhgusher: Divine Liturgy at 10 am

Please Note: If anyone requires the blessing of the water/house, please contact Fr. Đurađ (Ђурађ) directly at 519-897-8448 to arrange.

– Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill