Repairs Completed – Cleanup Action!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would be happy to inform you that the major repairs and mold remediation works at our facility have been completed:

  1. The roof is repaired, stopping all leaks (Royal Roofing Company Inc.),
  2. Drainage is repaired with 2 new sump pumps, preventing the entrance of moisture into the chapel and other lower level rooms (Go Waterproofing Inc.),
  3. Mold has been decontaminated at the lower and ground floors (Canada Decon Ltd.),
  4. Air Ducts are cleaned and furnace filters replaced (Twelve Points Air Duct Cleaning Ltd.)
  5. A new gutter at the front of the building was added to prevent accumulation of rainfall against wall of the lower rooms

Furthermore, last Saturday December 2nd the courtyard was cleaned up (and contents partially reordered in the building) by volunteers Dragan Ćurčić, Zoran Kapor, Cule Međedović, Srđo Stojšić, Saša Cvijetinović and Zoran Radišić.

At this time we appeal to you to please join us in the final cleanup of our indoor premises this coming Saturday, December 9th, starting from 8AM – everyone interested to take part, please contact us at

This way, by God’s Grace, we will be able to serve this Sunday December 10th at 10AM the Holy Liturgy in the premises of our Church at 49 North Lake Road in Richmond Hill – please join us in prayer to God together as our own hosts!

Thank you for your understanding and your unselfish support.

– The Governing Board of St. Archangel Gabriel Serbian Parish