Easter liturgy schedlue, 2016

14-1Easter liturgy schedlue, 2016:

April 27, Saturday – LAZAREVA SUBBOTA – VRBICA: Sv. Liturgy at 9 h; Vrbica the evening at 17 h;
28 April, Sunday – CVETI: Sv. Liturgy at 10 h;
May 2, Holy Thursday: Sv. Liturgy at 9 h; Vigil reading 12 passionate gospel in 19 h;
May 3rd, Good Friday: The Imperial Hour at 9 h; Evening presenting capes in 18 h; The funeral service of Christ in 20 h;

4. May GREAT SATURDAY: Sv. Liturgy at 9 h;
5 May SUNDAY – Resurrection: Easter Matins at midnight; the extension of the Liturgy of the world;
May 6 LIGHT MONDAY, ĐURĐMVDAN: Sv. Liturgy at 9 h; Cutting the cake after Slavski sv. Litur sources;
May 7, LIGHT TUESDAY: Sv. Liturgy at 9 h.